Thursday, June 15, 2017

Artist's reception, denim quilt, and baby on a quilt

I went to the artist's reception last evening for the Alternate Approaches exhibit.

It is a small gallery, but everything was displayed wonderfully! There was a lot of interest in my piece, I got lots of questions, and possibly a commission. Here are some pictures of the exhibit including my AC/DC piece.

And here is Cortney. She is such a sweet person and has been extremely supportive of my work. I got to meet her Dad and he was a real hoot!

After driving home thru a torrential downpour, I ran thru one bobbin of thread on the denim quilt and another bobbin this morning before work. That means I now have 90% of it quilted! I will be able to finish quilting it at lunchtime and can put the binding on it after work. Yeah!! It will be done for Father's Day! Here is what I have left to do and a picture of the back in cas you were wondering what it looked like.

Lastly, my sister sent this photo of a baby on one of my baby quilts. The mother is a friend of my sister's and the mother finally got around to getting this recent picture of Zach on his quilt. The mother says Zach loves his quilt. How cute is he?


Vicki W said...

Awesome to see your quilt on exhibit again. If you get a commission at least you tracked your time so you'll know what to charge.

Mary said...

nice to see your quilt hanging up in a Gallery. it's a good thing to see the finish line on your Denim Quilt and a cute baby onhis quilt too!

Frog Quilter said...

Congrats. Great exposure and commissions are sure to come in the future.

Kaja said...

Your quilt looks so striking on the wall and it's quite different from the other stuff there, so it must really stand out and draw people's attention.