Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Progress on the R.E.M. piece

After I went to the store to get more matching purple floss, I stitched for about 3 hours last evening and a half hour before work this morning. This is what I accomplished: I finished outlining the 2001, I outlined the circle in a apricot color, and this morning I stitched the border on one side to add the fancy stitching to the backstitching.

The transplanted Shasta daisies are doing well. It is funny how the plant at the far right is a bit behind the others as far as blooming goes, but they are looking good otherwise.

The center bed is looking good with those orange daylilies blooming. I need to trim and mow though!

The deer showed up last night and bit off some of the flowers on this daylily. This is a very pretty peach daylily that sits in the front flower bed to the far left. No fear - that is how it is with the deer around here especially at night. Sneaky boogers!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I hope I have bunches of Shasta daisies in a couple years. Yours look like they are doing well and the deer must not like them.

Kaja said...

Next time I am moaning about slugs I will try to remember that at least we don't have deer!