Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Having to punt

There is a saying - when all else fails, punt. Well with the weather and family demands yesterday I am having to punt. It was just to miserable to walk this morning - 93% humidity so forget the walking. I will have to try and get my steps in some other way today.

Then I had to spend my evening checking out houses for a family member so no sewing happened. So today I will leave you with pictures of the transplanted Shasta daisies getting ready to burst into bloom - I guess all this heat and humidity is good for something

No sewing will probably happen tonight either. When I dropped off my AC\DC piece at the venue on Monday, here was the postcard that was printed for the exhibit.

Here is the job site from my window in the trailer. Eventually this will be a track with a soccer field in the middle of it and a practice field for the band and football team. The school won't be able to use the field until fall of 2018. It will take that long for the grass to be established. This picture is of where the band practice field will be.


Kaja said...

Sometimes it's fine to cut yourself some slack. The daisies are looking very happy.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

This is the problem in the summer, overnight into morning the humidity is high and when it starts to go down a little it gets too hot to walk. That is why I like to race up and down the aisles in Wal-mart to get my steps in comfort. I'm probably labeled as that crazy woman by now.

swooze said...

My suggestion too. Walk the mall or Walmart!