Monday, June 19, 2017

9th finish for 2017/AHIQ

I got the denim quilt done on Friday night and handed it off to the wife and kids. The kids like the pockets. The little girl said that if your feet were cold you could put your feet in the pockets. The quilt turned out 74" x 82". I used Auriful on the top and Essentials in the bobbin. The batting was warm and natural 80/20. The binding was a batik that I have had for years.

Here is the label. I drew around the kid's hands and Tyler was able to write his name, but mom had to help Mikala write her's.

Since I am overwhelmed with projects that need to get done, I thought I would use this denim quilt as my AHIQ for this quarter. The rules for this quarter was to make a quilt using two different blocks. Well, I have drunkard path and a striped block so I guess I fulfilled my obligation. There is not a lot of detail in this quilt and no blending of the two blocks, but it did take some time to figure out how to put this top together quickly and meet the rules. I do like the drunkard path blocks and especially where the denim fades in color.

Saturday morning I ran some errands. I had a coupon for 15% off at Home Depot so I went and got some plants. My seeds have not come up and I am tired of living with an empty flower bed. I had bought a Pow Wow conflower (a combo of white and pink) last year off the markdown rack and I found three more plants this year. The one from last year is on the left in front of a daylily.

I also bought an Icelandic poppy to see how it would do.

I wanted some lavender and ended stopping at Lowes to get that.

I got everything planted early Sunday morning and now I just have to see how they grow.

Other than planting, I spend the rest of the weekend stitching on the R.E.M. quilt. I had the border done on this block
and here is the finished block

Then I worked on these two shirts

For the white and blue shirt I got the backstitching around the border done and will add more to that and I started outlining 2001 with a purple thread.

For the black shirt I got the backstitching done in a lime green and I will add to that. I have found that doing a regular blanket stitch does not lay well on the t-shirts, so I do a row of backstitching then come back and add the perpendicular stitches. Doing it this way looks better especially when the stitches are bigger.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I can just see the little girl showing her dad how to put her feet into the pockets!

Kaja said...

I love this quilt - it's simple but extremely pleasing to my eye. I especially like how the drunkard's path blocks top right are balanced out by the piecing bottom left, how you have kept so much of the jeans intact and, of course, that you have left the pockets!