Monday, February 2, 2015

UFO update and the snow

For the big UFO busting at Field Trips in Fiber here are my stats:
Projects in process January 1 - 40
Projects completed - 3
New Projects started - 0
UFO Trashed - 0
Projects in process as of Jan. 31 - 37

I have another quilt almost done, but with this crazy snowy weather I just didn't have the energy to finish it. Read on and I will describe the weekend, but in the meantime here is where I am at on my 4th finish. I got it all quilted and the binding sewn together. I figure tonight I can at least get the binding machine sewn on.

We didn't get even close to the amount of snow many places received, but it is still hard to walk in! Some of the plowed streets look like this

The cul-de-sac where I live will not get plowed until the crews start running out of street to plow and it looks like this
This is the stuff that is hard to walk in. It is like walking in soft sand. With my walk on Friday night and Saturday I was exhausted. It is a lot of work fighting the snow, wind, slush, and foggy glasses.

Sunday I had to shovel twice - once about 1 o'clock where there was 2 1/2" of snow and the second time at 6:40 p.m. where there was another 2" - less snow than what was predicted. When I went out at 1:00 I had no TV reception. I knew what was going on. The stupid dish was covered with snow and was blocking the signal. Oh, it the one on the top of the house not the one on the garage. The one on the garage was when I had a different satellite provider.

So I had to dig out my dish cleaning pole, tape some rags to the end and clean of the dish. The dish is a story and a half above the sidewalk so it is quite a reach!

The weather people were predicting more snow this morning so I decided to walk to work. The cul-de-sac has somewhere between 4 1/2" and 5" of snow and if we got any more I would probably get stuck. I walked the 1.1 miles and when I got in the trailer I looked down and somewhere along my journey my YakTrac's had come off. Darn! Now I had to go back outside and retrace my steps to find them. There was this one section of unplowed sidewalk and that is where I found them. The unplowed snow was very crispy and deep so I think that is why they came off. I was just glad to find them. By the time I got back to work the bottom of my pants were wet and frozen hard. I am now sitting in from of a space heater. Fun times!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I actually heard a lady in the store yesterday listing the reasons she hated Louisiana. Number one was that blizzards are better than hurricanes! We get a bit of wind every 8 years or so.......I'm happy with that!

Joanna said...

Good grief, you're turning into quite the snow lady. My husband is out with the snow thrower this morning and has been hard at it for an hour so far. Have you considered cross country skis?

Vicki W said...

Bad trax! Glad you found them! Great January too!