Monday, February 16, 2015

New projects and more snow

I worked hard this weekend on many different fronts. I got both pairs of pants made.

I made two pouches - the long one has my sewing supplies including a 12" ruler - that is why it is so long and a pouch for my cords and iPod. Now that I have a fitbit and a iPhone, I have a lot more cords I need to have a place for - charging cords, ear buds, receptacle block. Now they all fit in a pouch. I used elastic to hold the cords in place and I had some 2 1/2" elastic that hold the iPod security.

I want to make more of these for gifts so I have the zippers, skull fabric, and fabric for the lining all laid out ready to be cut.

I received an order from with some flannel. I had placed an order for some pant material and I needed to order something so I got free shipping so I bought some flannel solids to go with all the plaids I had left from the xmas quilt. Well, they cancelled the pant fabric so all I got was the flannel. I ended up having to place another order for pant fabric. Anyway, I washed the flannel and went ahead and cut it into 3" strips so it is already to go.

Sherwin Williams had a coupon for 15% tape so on Saturday I walked in the cold and at times snow the 2.1 miles one way to the store. I needed to get my walking in anyways. Remember the house with the Nemo sculpture in the front yard I posted not too long ago? Well, the house next door set up a display too. We received about 4" of new snow this weekend.

There were not too many people out as it was cold - the mid 20's - and there was a lot of plowing that needed done. I enjoyed my walk listening to some tunes.

Here is the temp this morning according to my car

I also spent a the good part of Saturday and Sunday cleaning house. My brother was suppose to come over Sunday, but called and asked if we could meet tonight instead. Well, house cleaning never goes to waste and it needed done anyway!


Vicki W said...

We are getting our snow today. Yay! I'm happy when we get one snow a year.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Austin will be in the 50's and 60's