Thursday, February 5, 2015

BInding, more snow, and hacked

I keep plugging away on the binding. I don't know why this is taking so long! I did spend an hour exercising last evening, but I feel like I still should have been able to get this done. Oh well, it will be done for sure tonight!

We got another 3" last evening, so I was out shoveling again this morning. It was a light fluffy snow so it wasn't hard to shovel, but it has gotten to the point where I have to pick up shovel fulls and the throw it into the yard . It is also very cold. It was 11 when I was out shoveling and I ended up going back in the house to get my ski gloves because my fingers were so cold. Wind chill today is -4. Burrrrrrr!

I did get my new suitcase I bought on ebay yesterday. I haven't traveled that much so I didn't have one with wheels. This is one of those spinning wheel cases. I got a great deal on it.

Got an email this morning that our health insurance company was hacked. The hackers got names, addresses, SS#'s, yeah the whole nine yards. We don't need to do anything until we get a letter in the mail from them in TWO WEEKS! Unbelievable! When Home Depot got hacked I immediately closed my account. Can't close my insurance! They are going to give you free credit monitoring and identity theft protection, but not until you have been identified and that could take TWO WEEKS! By then a person credit could be a mess! I just wish the government would put their foot down and forbid companies from requiring people's SS# for everything. I almost forgot the City of Akron got hacked last year by some hackers in Turkey. I just want to live my life in peace and there are these nasty people that make life so hard. Karma baby, karma will get you!


Joanna said...

The personal information hacking stuff is out of hand. We only hear about the hacking that companies are required to report. I suspect there's a great deal more. And I'm amazed how often I'm asked for my credit card information just to install a free app on my ipad. I just don't install those.

Vicki W said...

Maybe your binding isn't getting done because of all the time you are spending shoveling! I hope it stops snowing on you soon!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Last month my credit card company called and wanted to know if I had charged $1890 in electronics in Miami FL. they had already put a stop on it. I have a level of protection on my three cards that will not allow charges over $500 at one time. The one I use on the internet only has a limit of $500.

If i am going to buy more than $500 I just call the number on the back of the card and let them know.

I know, it is a pain, but we have not ever had a problem with identity or money theft.

MartiDIY said...

I wish they would find a way around the required SS# also. It really bugs me to give it at every dr appointment.