Wednesday, February 25, 2015

QuiltCon - bias challenge & charity quilts

Of all the quilts I saw I thought the bias challenge quilts were the best group as far as workmanship and design. Again, I apologize for my photography. The third one down was a bit messy, but overall this group's pieces were well made and the designs were complex and interesting.

Here are some of the charity quilt. They had them hanging in two different rooms. They were not labeled and I have no idea what charity they were donated to. The workmanship was fairly good overall, but I thought many of them lacked a strong design direction. There must have been a designated color pallet as I saw the same colors though out the quilts. There had to be over 120 charity quilts so this is a small sample of what was shown.

This one was my favorite of the charity quilts.

I found out yesterday that the call was out for art for the Akron Art Prize for 2015. I went ahead and signed up so it is full speed ahead! I received another t-shirt in the mail while I was away for this piece - OZZY!

I still need to gather a few more t-shirts. My piece last year was 88" x 88" which was a bit under their max size of 96" x 96". This year they have reduced the maximum size to 72" x 72".


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I wondered how many quilts were entered in the bias tape challenge since one person placed twice in the top 3.

I think I read that the charity quilts were all made by guilds, so many hands working on each of them.

Lisa said...

Thanks for your candid review of the show. My husband is a big fan of Ozzy.