Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Binding & a rock t-shirt score!

I had a lot of walking to do after work as I only had about 3,200 steps in by the time I got home. It was cold last evening, about 26 degrees, and it took me about 55 minutes to get my steps in. That cold sure tireds you out! So while I was watching Top Gear as Monday nights are Top Gear night, I did get the binding sewn on the next UFO. I didn't get the corners sewn so I will do that tonight.

I have been trolling ebay looking for inexpensive rock/metal t-shirts for a project and this AC/DC shirt came in the mail yesterday. It is a small so it went very cheap. I am going to have to start cutting apart the shirts I have to see how many more I need and what band's t-shirts to try and find.

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Paulette said...

Do you have a certain list of rock t-shirts you're looking for? I think the "thrill of the hunt" can be as much fun as the quilt that results!