Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pin basting

I pin basted one of the pieces I can't talk about last evening. What I can talk about is a few hints on how I do my pin basting.

First, the type of tape I use to hold down the backing is Scotch for Hard to Stick Surfaces. In the past I used the blue tape, but if it was humid the tape just would hold the fabric in place. Now don't confuse this Scotch green tape with Frog tape. They are different. Frog tape has a chemical in the adhesive that prevent paint from bleeding under the tape. We are not painting so we don't need that. I buy the Scotch green tape at Sherwin Williams - the big box stores around here don't carry it. I wait until Sherwin Williams has a sale and pick up a roll or two usually around the holidays throughout the year.

Next tip is to also put a few pins threw the batting and backing at the edges. This helps keep the backing from flipping under when you least expect it. It is a pain to have to cut the backing out or having to take the quilting out to release the backing. I learned this the hard way!

Last night while I was working in the studio I turned on AMC which was still running their Rocky Fest. I watched the end of Rocky II, Rocky III, and the beginning of Rocky IV. I is amazing to see how Stallone's physique changed from Rocky to Rocky III. I bet in Rocky III his body fat went down to 2 percent. He was ripped!
His bruised up face reminded me of my encounter with that table I smacked my face into when I passed out before surgery a couple of years ago.

Rocky's face

My face


Vicki W said...

Except that he was able to wash his bruise off! lol!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Oh, your poor face does look like Rocky!

When we were in Seattle on vacation, he was filming a movie on a street we had to cross. It was where he jumped on a bus and rode it down to fight someone. I don't remember which movie it was.

the thing that struck me was how short he was. I always envisioned him as a nie tall italian stallion! And nasally yelling, "Adrienne, Adrienne!"

patty a. said...

I don't know how tall Sly is, but I met his brother Frank last November at the Sonny Geraci Fundraiser that my nephew played at and his is at least 6' 1" or 6' 2".