Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How can I resist a sale?

I buy much of my fabric on-line because I look for specific prints especially in the area of music novelty fabrics. I need to keep stocked up on music fabric - I never know when my brother will need another quilt for his music friends. Here are pictures of my newest fabrics and I just love them

I love the scale of these large musical notes! The large notes are Andover fabrics and the small notes are makower uk.

Then I needed more fabric with drums on them. The large scale ones are again Andover and the gray one in the middle is makeover uk

Then I can always use another guitar fabric - Timeless Treasure - and the stripe was just another fun Andover that was part of the music fabric collection.

After washing I will add these to my music fabric stash. Does this seem like a lot of music fabric to you? I like using a lot of different prints in my quilts so I am happy to add a few more pieces to the mix. More choices is better as far as I am concerned especially when you get it on sale!

Here is what the daffodils looked like on 3/8/14
This is what they looked like last night

They might be thinking about retreating with the weather rolling in today. It is raining right now, but supposedly it is going to turn to snow this afternoon. We'll see.


Vicki W said...

Great selection of music fabrics!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

those flowers are coming up fast, aren't they. I think you accessed great music fabric!