Monday, March 24, 2014

A busy weekend

Friday evening I went over to my brother's to see the newly remodeled Silver Swap Studios. It looks fantastic! I know the band will have a great time making music in this studio. My brother built an enclosed space for the sound board using a sliding door. This was the family room in the house, but once Michael was into playing music the space was taken over with drum sets, speakers, keyboards, and mountains of equipment. Now it is all organized.

Saturday and Sunday I spent working on the second piece I can't talk about. I got enough of it quilted that I could attached the facing binding. I have a little more than half of the binding hand sewn on. I have to post my pieces tomorrow so tonight I will be getting as much done as possible tonight.

I spent a fair amount of time running upstairs to the kitchen from the studio making sauce and a big pot of beef vegetable soup.

I had bought a chuck roast for the soup. I used only half of it for Sunday's batch, so I got out my new toy and vacuum packed the other half. This is the first time I used my Food Saver since I bought it several weeks ago. It took me a couple of tries to learn where to place the bag in just the right spot for sealing. Once I did get it right it worked great.

The weather has been wacky here. It snowed Friday morning hard, but we got less than 1/2" and it was gone by afternoon. It is still cold and the temperature didn't get above freezing yesterday. The high was 27 degrees. This morning it is only 16!

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Vicki W said...

That's a great looking studio! I could turn it into a sewing studio in no time.