Monday, March 3, 2014

Pin basting and watching movies

I had a semi productive weekend. Saturday morning I went to get my haircut and then stopped at the grocery store on the way back home. The grocery wasn't as crazy busy and I thought it would be with the bit snow storm coming. By the time I got home it was about 11, so I got something to eat and ended up falling asleep in my studio chair for a few minutes. Then it was time to get to work.

I first finished sewing together that log cabin baby quilt and got it pin basted.

Then I pin basted the multi layer blocks quilt.

While I was sewing I turned on TCM and they were showing previous Oscar best picture movies. On Saturday while sewing, I watched On the Waterfront, which I liked, Gandhi, which was incredible, A Man for All Seasons, I didn't like, and In the Heat of the night, which was a good movie.

On Sunday they were not showing any movies I was interested in until the classic Bridge of the River Kiwi and Lawrence of Arabia. Yes, I had never seen Lawrence of Arabia. It was a long movie and I never did see the end because I turned on the pre-award show for the Oscars. I wanted to see the dresses. I know they will show Lawrence of Arabia again so I will see the last hour and 15 minutes sometime. So many movies with the British army! The fought the Indian's in Gandhi, the Japanese in Bridge over the river Kiwi, and the Turks in Lawrence of Arabia.

While watching movies I worked on a project that I can't really tell you much about. I and many other quilters will be submitting some pieces for consideration to be published. I don't know how many other quilters are involved in the project, but I am having a great time putting together my pieces. Publishing won't happen until 2015 so I will have to keep what is going on to myself. Even if my pieces don't get picked I am enjoying the challenge.

We were lucky and only got about 1 1/2 to 2" of snow early Sunday. Here is my driveway this morning. The snow was light and fluffy and it took less than 10 minutes to shovel.
Titian went south and slid by us. It sounds like the east coast, especially NJ, is going to get pounded today. Take care NJ!

Stash report - as of January I was down 5 1/2 yards. This month I need to add another -18 yards to that number. So for the year I am down a total of 23 1/2 yards.


Vicki W said...

The snow is coming down heavy here right now.

Rayna said...

Amazingly, North Jersey was spared as the storm headed south. Hooray! Frigid temps but no additional snow, thank goodness.

You know I was only kidding about patterns - haven't used one since the late '70s. This pink piece has improved since I eliminated much of the pink - LOL.