Monday, June 27, 2016

What a weekend!

After work on Friday I stitched on the AC/DC piece, but then the yard was calling me to do something. I hadn't mowed grass in several weeks and it was looking shabby! I can't get the mower started so I decided to weed wack the entire front yard. It took me an hour and a half to do this, but I had no choice. Here is what the yard looked like this morning.

I also received a big box on Firday. I was the Harley t-shirts for the fundraiser quilt. These along with the ones Glenda of quiltswissy. sent me, will make for hopefully a cool quilt.

A friend, Dan, who he and his wife are huge supporters of Michael's band and the area music scene, is coming over today to take my poor sick mower to a repair man that he knows. It is sitting outside waiting to be picked up. Dan thinks is probably dirt in the carburetor. I just hope it can be fixed.

I stitched all day Saturday. I have the cannon almost done. I just have a little more orange stitching on the cannon and some green stitching to add to the support for the cannon.

On Sunday I had to be at my brother's house by 1 to head to the gig. I took my AC/DC piece to try and get a few stitches thrown in while I sat at the merchandise booth. Oh, it was hot. I managed to get a couple of the letters outlined in green. The lilac ones I did on Sunday morning before I left.

The gig was at a lake campground and it was part of the Thunder in the Boro event weekend. Lot of bikers.

The stage this time was the flatbed of the tractor trailer. There was no shade and the guys played for 2 1/2 hours in 90 degree heat.

The crowd was small, but those biker people were loving the music! On a whim, Michael decided asked one of the guys to bring up his bike and rev his bike along to Born to be Wild. It was a hoot!

During the song Michael went down and sat on the bike to do a solo then the crowd moved from their shaded pavilion to come over and take pictures of him wailing on the guitar. After the show I asked Michael about that song and if they had practiced it for the event and he said he has never played that song before. Wow! If you would have heard the band you would have never known that!

We got back to my brother's house a bit after 8 and we were all beat. My brother, SIL, and Michael had gotten back from Nashville at 1 a.m. Sunday morning so they were really tired!

We had Michael's new EP CD to sell at the show. I think we sold around 18. Michael gave me one and a signed framed one for my studio.

Michael also just bought a new stool for the drums. He asked me to make a cover for it to keep it from getting scuffed. I will use the car cover fabric I have and add elastic to hold it on.

I was also gifted this beautiful walnut box from Uncle Frank. I needed someplace to put my pierced earrings and now I have a stunning box to put them in! He is actually my SIL's uncle, but everybody calls him Uncle Frank just like everyone calls me Aunt Patty.


QuiltSwissy said...

What a great weekend with Michael! He needs to get on America's Got Talent! He would get exposure for sure.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You packed a lot into that weekend! It's hard to be energetic in that heat.

I can't imagine weed whacking a whole yard. I hope there is life left in your mower.