Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bit more done!

Here is what this section looked like when I started

and now here is what it looks like. I usually take my pictures in the morning and the lighting is bad! LOL!! The combination of the cheddar yellow and purple looks pretty cool. I will try to take a better picture tonight after I get this done. Maybe the weather will cooperate and I can take this outside for better lighting.

I received my order from HomeSew yesterday. They had sent me a free shipping coupon. I needed some black quilting thread. If you buy 6 - 3000 yard cones you saved $6.75. Shipping would have cost $6.95 so I saved $13.70. I also didn't have to pay tax which around here would have been $3.98. Add that to the $13.70 and I saved $17.68! I needed the black for t-shirts quilts coming up and I was completely out of black quilting thread. Yes, 12,000 yards is a lot of black quilting thread and a lot of t-shirt quilts, but I do use this thread in the bobbin as well as the top thread. I just wish they carried more colors than black, white, natural, and sand.

Yesterday we live streamed the parade for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I don't follow professional basketball, but when you have moved to LeBron James's home town you hear about basketball. It was crazy in Cleveland for the parade! I took a few pictures off of my computer screen to show you. The national news (NBC) didn't show the sheer magnitude of the humanity that descended on downtown Cleveland. I have been in Cleveland with several large scale events going on at the same time, but this was off the charts!

The beginning of the parade route

People piled in the streets. Cleveland made a huge mistake by not putting up barricades along the parade route. People were in the street blocking the path and the parade took 4 1/2 hours to get to the area they call the mall where the stage was set up. The distance - probably not more than two miles.

People were on roofs and hanging out parking decks to get a look

They were even standing on the on-ramp overpasses

The stadium is where the Cleveland Indians play. The street to the right is 9th Street.

From the top of the picture you can see Lake Erie, the Browns stadium and then the mall area crowded with people and the parade hadn't started yet!

Here is LeBron in the parade. He is wearing the yellow ball cap in the Rolls Royce.

Estimates said there were 1.3 million people that showed up. The only problems were some people got overwhelmed with the heat and the buses and the rapid trains could not hand the crowds. The city had even set up a place for lost kids and entertained them and fed them until their parents tracked them down.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I cannot imagine wanting to be in that huge crowd. I'll watch the news coverage of it.

Vicki W said...

I hate large crowds. You couldn't pay me to go see that!

QuiltSwissy said...

Wow! That parade looks like something else!

I like the lettering, it looks like it is brightly lit and shining! Like a neon light!