Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Unwelcomed visitor

When I got home from work yesterday and when I started upstairs and there was the awful smell. It smelled like something has died. I have a bi-level and there is a closet at the bottom of the steps and behind the closet is a removalable panel so you can get to the water meter. With the bathroom remodeling I never put back the panel. I messed around for awhile trying to get brave enough to investigate the cause of the smell. I delayed by watching a movie that Brad Pitt was in and I had never seen.

I fianlly got a trouble light pluggged in, took a deep breath and crawled under the steps. In the corner there was - I think - a mouse. He had to have been there awhile since there was lots of poop around. He did not scurry, but just sat there in the corner. I got out my shop vac and whether he wanted to or not he was going on the mouse version of Space Mountain! I left the wand on the vac and sucked that booger up.

I then took the vac outside and was trying to decided if I should open it up and dump him out or throw the whole shop vac away. I got brave and saw him in the vac so I sent him on a relocation program to the garbage dump. He will be relocated tomorrow and he will love his new home.

I went back under the steps and sprayed with Lysol last night and this morning the smell was better. I sprinkled washing soda all over the area this morning to try and absorb the rest of the smell. Now I just have to figure out how he got in.


Vicki W said...


QuiltSwissy said...

My friend had momma mouse, daddy mouse and 17 wee mousie babies living in her house this apring. She thought she was safe from mousies because she has two big dogs.....ha! We are down to one cat now from three. The middle cat would bring IN mice to play with, so even a cat is not a sure thing!

Janet said...

You're so brave. I am utterly squeamish about mice. I make DH take care of them. Or my kids. Pathetic I know.

upstateLisa said...

Yuck! Been there, done that. Called my hubby once at work but he told me i was on my own. Makes my skin crawl just to recall the incident