Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Buckled down

Once I got home after work and running a few errands, I buckled down and got to work on the B&W quilt. Guess what? All the quilting is done! I appreciated everyone's comments about the binding and I will be going with the striped fabric.  You know what I will be doing tonight after work!
I finally remembered to take a picture of the deck so you could see what my neighbor and I did the other evening. The two board left were not in the weather as much because the soffit covered them a bit so the nails are still intact. With the other boards the nails (which are not the correct fasteners to used for a deck!) were all rusted away except for the ones at the ends. I think what I will do is get the circular saw and cut the deck boards where I can reach and then just start knocking down the joists. Here is the picture of where I was and where the deck is now.
I have been taking this slowly and thinking thru each step of how to take this deck apart safely. I do need to spend some time cutting up the rotten deck boards to put in the trash bin. That is a job for when it is cooler outside.  The joists are in decent shape so I plan on saving those and hopefully they can be reused for the lower platform deck to come out of the garage door. 


Kaja said...

You are motoring with the B&W quilt! I would share your approach to big practical jobs - it's amazing how much you can do if you think it through properly first.

Ann said...

Loving the black and white quilt. Congrats on moving it forward.
The deck project looks overwhelming although you're breaking it into easier pieces. Good thing you're fixing it; that would be a long way to fall.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Now that you are in the last hours of this quilt do you have another in mind to finish or will you start something new?

swooze said...

Wondered how the deck project was going. Should be getting quite cool now so I hope you can get great progress on it!