Thursday, August 4, 2022

More tote bags are needed

It was another busy evening of chores and watering. It was 90 yesterday and the neighbor's flower pots needed watering again along with my marigold seedlings. I also watered the cora bell bed; those little guys needed a drink bad! It is quite a chore dragging my hose to the neighbor's house and then dragging the hose thru the backyard to the other side of the house where the cora bell bed is located. I need to make some more tote bags for the merchandise booth. I have a few bags cut out ready to sew
Then tonight I will start cutting out bags from the fabric Linda sent me. I am taking a vacation day Friday so I will spend some serious time sewing the tote bags. I made 102 so far and they are almost gone! We have six shows this month so I am going to need a lot more bags!  I can sew the bags between making cookies and some of those mini pecan pie muffins for the band and crew for Saturday.  
I started on a new small cross stitch piece.
Saturday the band has a show in a town that is only 12 miles away from my brother's house so that won't be too bad as far as travel time. Right now I have no idea what time the show will be, but I am hoping to get to bed by midnight so Sunday isn't a total waste from being too tired. Have a great weekend!

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Lots of bags gone means lots of sales. I'm sure your nephew is happy you are so devoted to the merch booth.