Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Mini Muffins, chores, and stitching

Lately my evenings seem to fly by and I don't seem to get any sewing done. Last night was another busy one. I washed dishes as I baked these Pecan Pie Mini Muffins.
I got the recipe from Crafting Memories with Molly's blog. I did add more info to the recipe like how many it makes, and added some vanilla. I passed these around at work today and everyone thought they were so good. They are easy to make. Next time I think I will add a pinch of salt and maybe some cinnamon.
After I got that mess cleaned up it was time to take out the neighbor's garbage and recycling bins. I then went and gathered up all my recycling and dumped it in their bin. Next it was on to watering the marigolds. With the heat and adequate water they are growing fast! I have that small cross stitch piece almost done. It is not exactly like the pattern, but I just adjusted the design a bit and it works! I need to add 2022 and some lines to look like thread is going thru the needle.  I am going to have to fully finish the smalls I have completed lately so I can get my sister's birthday presents in the mail Monday.

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