Tuesday, August 31, 2021

More seam ripper action!

Yesterday at work a co-worker friend asked me if I could fix her Mom's bathrobe. So that was last night's project and the new Clover seam ripper played a big role! I needed to stitch up the armhole that had come apart at the seams. One was completely apart and the other sleeve just needed a line of stitching before it would have eventually come apart.
When my friend was showing me the bathrobe, I saw that the piping at the sleeves was in bad shape so I told her I would fix that. This is where the seam ripper came into play.
I just took the piping out and sewed the cuff back on the sleeve. I was not going to replace the piping!
I looked over the robe to make sure all the seams were good and found that the seams at the pockets were coming apart. I fixed those so now the robe is in good shape.


swooze said...

You’re a sweetheart

Vicki W said...

It really warms my heart to see things repaired instead of simply replaced.