Thursday, August 26, 2021

The flannel-palooza continues

I got a few more strips cut into block units. How is it I just figured out a better way of cutting these? I use to just layer up strips sets and cut them. Then I would sort them into stacks to make blocks. After all this time I figured out that I would stack two strips with the plaid on the outside and one strip with the plaid in the center. Once I sliced them, the pieces I needed for a block were already together so no sorting needed! Geeze! Then of course I make stacks with two strips with the solid fabric on the outside and one strip with the solid in the middle. Here are the latest ones I got cut.
So here is where I am at right now with all this flannel. Here are the pieces that still need sewn together.
Here is the pile of strips needing to be cut into block units
And here is the strip units that I don't have any matching units with the plaid in the center. I am going to have to do some ripping and remake some of these strip units. I will have plaid strips left over but I have a plan for those.
Robbie, I don't have your email, but thanks for the kudos on the sheet project. I know my brother appreciates me doing these and the speed in which I got the project done and shipped. It is fun when I get to go to a concert and see things that I made being part of the show.


Robbie said...

Besides being so proficient, you are also clever! But I guess I've already known that from reading your blog!

Robbie said...

I forget you and I do correspond via my blog posts...I use a different email for blogger! HA

Pauline Michaud said...

I can't wait to see these quilts come together. They are going to be very nice.