Monday, August 16, 2021

Flannel strips, a show, and cleaning

What a weekend. First, the flannel strips. I sewed a lot on Saturday and Sunday until about 2 p.m. sewing the strips together. Here are the piles of strips that I did get sewn into sets.
Here are the strips left to sew into sets
Friday at 1:15 p.m. we left for Lorain, Ohio for a show. It was hot. We got the booth all set up
Then by 5:45 I starting putting some things away. The rain rolled in. It was just a sprinkle at first, but it kept getting harder. Eventually I had put everything away and with help, we tried to keep stuff dry. I had to get the rain off the the tent and ended up getting a shower when the rain poured off the tent top and hit me in the head. I spent the rest of the night wet from head to toe. The rain finally eased up about 7 so I set the booth back up and the band got to play 45 minutes of their 2 hour show. The one fellow that helps out with the band brought my SIL and I flowers! That was the bright spot for the evening. I didn't get home until midnight and I didn't feel like looking for a vase so I just rinsed out an empty protein powder container and put them in that. I didn't get to bed until 1 since I had to first clean up the water on the studio floor. With all the rain we have been having the water is seeping up thru the slab. This is the second time in a week I have had water on the floor. Rain is forecasted for everyday this week so the rug and padding will not be going back down on the floor for at least a week. I had to hang the rug up on the metal railing upstairs so it could dry out. I have lived here 18 years and this is the first time this has happened.
Sunday afternoon I got to cleaning. I had already cleaned up the studio quite a bit because of the water issue, but I needed to get the guest room straightened up since a quilting friend may be up this weekend. I got a second twin mattress so I needed to make room for the second twin bed in the guest room. That meant I needed to move this bookcase out of the guest room and into the fabric storage room. I emptied out the bookcase and it was just short enough to slide thru the doorways!
The fabric storage room looked like this (yes, what a mess!)
And now it looks like this - better in this area, but there is more that needs done.
The bed ran the opposite direction under that window, but since the bookcase is gone I can put it here and place the other twin bed in the room. I brought in the head and footboard late last night. It has been stored in the garage for about 5 years. My dad made this bed. I will have to dig out the side rails and find the bolts that hold it together. As you can see I already have the mattress.
I have made some good progress on the deer pillow cover. I wanted to get the motifs laid out so they are only partially stitched. I figured out I had made a mistake with placement so I am off one row of being centered side to side. Looking at it you can't tell and I am not about to abandoned the project for that. It will be fine. Now looking at these pictures I see another mistake.  Geeze!  So here is where I was a week ago and where I am now.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I wonder if your house has settled and made a crack in the foundation. My house settled in 1988, the year of the extreme drought here. I have had more seepage problems since then in wet years.

swooze said...

Busy lady! I am still shuffling. I may get there one day. Trying to find some big things to go!

Love your deer piece. If it won’t bother you once done don’t worry about the mistake. A new design element!