Monday, August 30, 2021

Flannel progress and seam ripper review

My plans changed a bit this weekend so I didn't get to stay home all day Saturday and Sunday, but I still got a lot done. After switching around some of the flannel strips by ripping them apart and getting the rest of the strips sewn together, I now have 95% of the flannel into units to make blocks. I needed a place to put them so I used one of the twin beds in the guest room.
Here are the pieces I have left to deal with. I will leave these for later.
I had stopped on Friday after work and bought two seam rippers to try out. JoAnn's doesn't carry my favorite one in the store anymore which is this one
So I bought this Dritz one and a different Clover ripper. The cheapo Dritz ripper was awful; the Clover one was perfect! It was sharp and I could rip apart the seams so easy without stretching the flannel.  Of, course I had coupons so neither one cost that much.
I needed to make my SIL a bigger bag for the drum heads we sell at the merch booth. The other one I made did not hold enough.
A lady I work with wondered if I could remove her daughter's name from this cheerleading jacket. Her daughter is never going to wear it again (she graduated from H.S. last year) and she thought she could pass it on to another girl.
I used the Clover ripper and all the stitching came out. Another girl could get her name embroidered on the jacket and no one will be able to tell there was another name on the jacket. I was surprised how the holes disappeared.  The shadow probably would have disappeared if I would have seamed it a bit. 
I am almost done cross stitching the deer pillow. I only have the four deer left to stitch. Here is where I was last Monday and where I am now.  I get this done and the I can start on the next one.  
I didn't get the backyard mowed; it rained Sunday afternoon a few hours before I was going to mow. The forecast shows the temps dropping into the mid 70's later this week so if the backyard dries out I can then mow.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I have both of those Clover rippers and love them both. The Dritz ripper is one that I call a jr. high home ec. seam ripper, the first one you ever use but is too big and clunky for our little stitches. I'm sure there are other uses for it in the kitchen or garage when you need a pointy thing.

Ann said...

That Dritz ripper is terrible. I was happy to toss it. Good job working with your flannels and removing the cheerleader name. Those jackets are so expensive and the minute a kid graduates HS, they never wear it again... well, not after winter break.

swooze said...

Nice progress!

abelian said...

The Clover ripper with the brown handle is my favorite, too. They’re still available on Amazon, or online at Joann. I don’t like the bulk of the large handles. Dot