Thursday, December 3, 2020

Scrap-a-paloosa day 9 and I need more fabric!

Another bin is done! Here are the parts I ended up with. Besides the squares and a couple triangles, I have a little pile of leftover pieces from blocks that I will sew together and put those in my orphan block pile.
So now I have a bin for the string block scraps.
Here are the next scraps I will work on. It is packed tight and full! I had made a promise to myself that 2020 would be the year of the scrap quilt. Well, the year got away from me and so December will be 31 days of cutting scraps. I know I will feel better that at least I attempted to do something with my scraps. Next year I will put those scraps to use!
After getting the triangles cut yesterday for the disappearing 9 patch quilt, I realized I didn't have enough fabric for the border. I called the quilt shop and they had a few yards left.  I made a quick trip to the shop and bought the last 2 3/4 yards they had. That will have to be enough! I know in the picture yesterday it looks like black fabric; Vicki commented on the "black" triangles. Now you can see what the fabric really looks like. So now I will get back to sewing sashing and rows together.
Of course, I had to look at the marked down fabric rack and found these three pieces. I really like spider web fabric and I thought the purple fabric was pretty. I don't buy much purple so it's a good piece to add to my stash. These three fabrics were only 6 bucks a yard.  Each is between 2 and 3 yards. 


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

When I first glanced at the spiderweb fabrics I thought they were positive/negative of the same print. Then I clicked and enlarged the photo and see that they are very different. That is a really good purple.

Cherie in St Louis said...

Cheers for another freed up bin. Love your bargain fabrics.

Pauline Michaud said...

Patty, you are always so productive! Great job tackling those scraps. I too have made some very significant progress since I last wrote you. I finally finished that large commission quilt I was making for friend in Australia. When all was said and done, I spent 128 hours making that quilt. It has already been shipped and received. I will send you pictures via email once I can get my computer sorted out. I also tackled and finished that quilt that needed serious mending that belongs to my boss. It was made by her grandmother, and about 13 pieces needed to be replaced in this old log cabin quilt. I was able to applique over her grandmother's work, and it turned out really really nice. Even I have trouble telling the blocks I fixed as I was able to find fabrics that don't detract from the original quilt. I'll also send pictures for you to see. And so, I have now finished the last two projects I had for others... whoo hoo! What a load off my shoulders. I don't plan on accepting any more project for a while... I want to be able to play with my own projects for a change with NO deadlines or pressure. Keep up the good work - I always love seeing what you are up to.

Vicki W said...

Oh wow, the camera was very tricky with that fabric!