Tuesday, July 28, 2020

DWR quilt progress and cooking

I got one melon quilted yesterday on the DWR quilt. So now I have 16 melons and 12 centers to get done in the next 35 days to meet my self-imposed deadline of having this quilt finished by the end of August.

I spent most of my evening cooking so I would have something from breakfast and lunches. I made kind of a stir fry with the yellow squash from my deck garden and cooked it with organic broccoli and cauliflower, kale and bok choy leaves from my deck garden, and organic noodles. I threw in some garlic powder, paprika, salt, a little olive oil and butter, and finished it with soy sauce. I had some for breakfast this morning and it is really good! I should have cooked a piece of salmon to toss in. I sure hope I get another squash soon.

While I was making the stir fry, in the oven was a blueberry crumble. I had the A/C on full blast but I was still sweating. The oven sure heats up the kitchen and boiling water to cook the noodles added to the humidity!

Yesterday at work I cleaned the upper cabinets in my cubical. The stuff was left by previous inhabitants of this cubical. Here is the before and after
I ended up with 7 bags of trash.
A bunch of 3 ring binders that can be reused and binder clips that I tossed in the office supply drawer
I did find some quadrille pads, note pads and cards, and post it notes buried in that mess. I will put those to good use.
and there was a book that I want to read, since I am Irish, and a tin that can be reused for a gift card.

I don't know how long I will be occupying this cubical. It all depends if the company gets another project that they can put me on, but at least the cubical will be ready for the next occupant and in the meantime I have someplace to put my stuff.

We got a half inch of rain yesterday so I didn't have to water last evening. There was a tree that fell across one of the streets I take on my way to work. The wind was blowing hard at times when the storm came thru. I had to make a detour around the block. Let's see if it is gone by the time I go back thru that area to the house. This is the cloud that rolled by my office window yesterday afternoon. No rain from that cloud.


Ann said...

I read Cahill's book years ago and enjoyed it. He's written others on similar topics, too. Enjoy.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Lucky you to get 1/2 of rain. We have had anywhere between a trace and 1/4" for the last 5 rains here.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Rain?? I may have forgotten what that is. But they tell me there IS a rainy season here and the creek that runs along the front of the property floods. Our frontage on the road is 2 miles so that could amount to a lot of water. It's amazing how much stuff is often left behind when a person leaves there work station. I wonder now if I did that when I retired. My granddaughter in law does most...almost all of the cooking. Almost everything she buys is organic. She and my grandson are very conscientious about what they and the kids eat. They don't even like to heat food in the microwave.
xx, Carol