Monday, October 16, 2017

Wool quilt top and what a party

I got the top sewn together for the wool quilt.

I still have a stack of wool pieces leftover, but the stack is much smaller!

The blanket for the backing is smaller than the top. I found two pieces of gray wool yardage in my stash. I gently washed and dried them. I will use them to add on to the blanket to make it big enough for the back.

I fixed two of my nephew's amp covers and a t-shirt.
I headed over to their house on Sunday afternoon to go to a birthday party/gig. A fellow rents the Kent Stage every year and throws himself a big birthday party with bands playing and lots of food and drink. People bring food and beverages too. Here is my nephew's band performing.

I feel lousy with this head cold. I tried to be careful not to contaminate anyone.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like the wool quilt with its neutral colors but nice contrast.

swooze said...

Love the wool. Hugs...feel better

Kaja said...

Great work and fast too! I kind of like the idea of throwing your own party - beats waiting around for someone else to do it.

Charlene S said...

Get better soon.

Victoria said...

Lovely wool quilt. Won't that feel good to snuggle under on a cold winter's day!