Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Next! and R.I.P.

I noticed last evening that there were several butterflies and lots of bees enjoying the lavender I planted in June. The plants have quadrupled in size and are covered in flowers. I wish I had planted more. It seems not to mind the heat and dry conditions that have been going on for the last couple of months.

The wife of the man I made the feed sack quilt for called me last night to thank me for the quilt. She loved it and thought I had done a wonderful job.

My next projects will be to fix my nephew's equipment covers and stitch up a seam in a t-shirt

and to finish another UFO. I made this quilt with the linen and Essex I printed when I took a workshop at QuiltCon 2015. The linen I added is a mix of pieces I had and a Irish linen plaid pair of pants that I got at a garage sale my neighbor where I use to live was having. It is beautiful fabric. I have it almost pin basted. This will be a fancy baby quilt!

I was horrified with what happened in Las Vegas. My heart goes out to those killed, injured, the survivors, and their families.

Then Tom Petty passed away. I saw him once in an interview that cause me to have a paradigm shift about getting older. Tom said "If your not getting older, then your dead." Thank you Tom for such a profound statement. R.I.P.


Charlene S said...

He was right. My dad would tell me that when you stop learning something new each day, you were dead. He was right too! Your baby quilt is daring.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I thought of you when I heard the news of Tom Petty. Now you need a heartbreakers quilt!

So sad about Las Vegas. We just want to know why now, and it may remain a mystery only to him.

I remember how excited you were when you printed that fabric. That quilt turned out so beautiful.

Vicki W said...

Amen to that quote!

Ann said...

I didn't realize how much lavender attracts pollinators. The plants here are constantly covered with bees. I love how well it does in hot, dry weather.
Your printed fabric came out well and cuts up beautifully. Fun to mix it with pants. Ha.
We need to decide how important human beings are, don't we? I wonder how people who want to maintain the status quo would feel if this was their child.
Great quote.

Kaja said...

Tom Petty was a favourite of mine too, and he was right about aging. I love the fabric you printed, and it sits well with the other bits.