Tuesday, January 31, 2017

February OMG (one monthly goal) project and progress on the maple leaf

I thought it was time for me to post Elm Street Quilts' my February goal project even though there is one more day in January, but I got ahead of myself.
Elm Street Quilts

My OMG project for February is going to be a graduation t-shirt quilt out of these t-shirts. I will start on it as soon as I get the maple leaf quilt done.

I am now 50% done quilting the maple leaf quilt! It is going much faster than I thought it would.


Jennifer said...

Have fun making the t-shirt quilt and getting your maple leaf quilt finished up.

Patty said...

Love looking at tee shirt quilts Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.