Friday, January 27, 2017

Yeah for Friday!

I spent time getting things cleaned up for the weekend. I don't have to go anywhere this weekend so I plan on spending some serious time in the studio. I had fabric to press

Then there is still more that needs pressed

I cleaned up my big table and sorted projects into piles - the Chinese coin quilt with the black, white, and gray fabrics and the t-shirts for Dante's quilt. The off-white fabric is for the back of a quilt.

I also made oatmeal raisin cookies for the guys at work.

I finally got my glasses back from being fixed, but the right lense has two gouges on it that weren't there before I handed my glasses over to the optic place. I am not happy. I will be calling the head of the department to discuss. I am no longer going to deal with the goofy lady I had been dealing with. Her story keeps changing and I have no use for someone who can't tell the truth. You can see the almost two parallel gouges in this picture

Have a great weekend!

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Kaja said...

I hope you sort your glasses out - can't quite believe they had the cheek to give them back to you in that state! I hope, too, that you have a happy and productive weekend- I look forward to seeing your progress.