Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Slowing me down

Last night I was still a bit tired, but I had a list of stuff to do - return CD's to the library, a couple loads of laundry, clean the chickens I had put in a pot on the stove at lunch, gather the recycling and trash for pickup today, make cookies for the guys at work, and maybe do a bit of sewing.

The CD's were returned - Check!

Two loads of laundry done - Check!

Clean the chickens - Check! Aw - more broth for today!

Mixed up the cookie dough and put it in the fridge.

Then I went to take the trash out to the garage and I notice that the safety cable for the springs for the garage door was not where it was suppose to be. After some looking around I saw the bracket that holds the pipe which the springs are on came off the wall about 6 inches. The bolts holding it to the wall had come out of the wall. I was able to push the bracket back, but with the tension on it there was no way to lift it to bolt the bracket back to the wall. I called the garage door guys already this morning and hopefully they can come today and fix it. I didn't want to try and open the door for damaging it, so I walked to work this morning. Here is the bracket that is ok

Here is the one that pulled out of the wall. See how the rod is sitting on the door track?

Gather up trash - check! I had to take the bin out the garage man door this morning

Get the bin down the steps and drag it up the side yard slope, but it is sitting at the curb so I would call that a success.

Earlier I looked at the front flower beds and the daffodils are coming up because it has been so warm.

I received more minion fabric last night. I got a panel and one yard of the orange and yellow print.

This fabric got washed, pressed, and is ready to go.

Squeeze in some texting and a couple of phone calls and I was done for the day. I ended up with this for steps for the day which was more than I thought I would.

I was up early enough time morning I baked the cookies so I could take them to work.

Cookies packed and deliver - check!

No sewing happened; the unexpected garage door problem slowed me down.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Good grief! You are lucky it didn't come all the way down on your car. AND that you live close enough to walk to work! That could have been a disaster.

But I had to laugh the the indirect route the trash had to take!