Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend results - 13th finish

After getting some groceries early Friday morning, I did not leave the house the rest of the weekend. I had stitching to do! I got the Harley quilt done Saturday late afternoon - yeah! This is my 13th finish for the year. I went to hang it up and take a picture, but I had used all my rod clips for my living room drapes I made a few months back so I had no way of hanging up the quilt. So here it is for now.

I did find a little hole in the backing fabric after I had this over half quilted. To fix that I put a little patch over it and from a foot away you can hardly see it.

I then got back to stitching the AC/DC quilt. I got this section done.

The border I first added was just a row of backstitching and for me that was not enough. Here is what I did to add to the backstitching.

For this shirt I could not leave well enough alone. It just had a backstitched border and I thought it needed a bit more. Here is the before:

and here is the after

I now am working on the last shirt that had no embroidery.

I was up at 4:41 this morning and got started on the stitching. I have until Friday to get this done along with stitching on the patches, binding, and a rod pocket.

These are the movies I watched while I stitched along with the Indians' games. Indians swept a four game series against the Angels and are in 1st place in their division with at 5 game lead on Detroit.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You're doing great on your schedule. Are you ready for the let down when it is all finished? If you are like me you probably have another project lined up to work on.

Vicki W said...

Awesome! You are well on track. I was thinking the same as Wanda. What will you do the day after this is done?