Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend progress

I finished the Highway to Hell shirt



The Blow up your Video is done



What is left to do?
Started on The Razor's Edge. Have part of the border done and the date done.

I need to stitch the release dates on this shirt

I did work on this shirt a bit last night. I need to add just a bit more stitching to the flame area. It will be with a quilting stitch and not a backstitch.

This shirt has no stitching on it yet.

Then it will be on to adding the facing binding, rod pocket, and the patches and pins I have collected.

I did get an email from the Akron Art Prize people and it said that they would let everyone know on the 12th if their piece had been accepted. In previous years it was on a first come basis. I didn't know they changed this. I am going to be pretty sad if I don't get into the show after all this work and using vacation time to get this piece done.

Movies I watched while stitching

Martian - too far fetched
Creed - nothing like the intensity of the other Rocky movies. Too much rap music and a weak story line.
Against the Sun - a true story. I wanted to see a bit more at the end.
Notting Hill - an old favorite

I also have the first six seasons of Art:21. I have seen some of the artists, but some of the artists are just a bit too weird even for me!

Ok, so it seems like I am in pretty good shape to get the AC/DC piece done, but remember? I still have the Harley quilt to finish.

That comes to 8,232 square inches to machine quilt and 364 inches of binding to do. As Glenda of QuiltSwissy posted last week about me, I need to keep track of my percentage done for two reasons 1. so I can motivate myself that I am getting something done and 2. crunch the numbers to make sure I know what I need to get done on a daily basis to make my deadline. I will be taking half day vacations all week again which will give me 4 hours a day for machine quilting and 4 hours of hand stitching. Wish me luck because I am going to need it!

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Vicki W said...

Well done! It will be done this week!
You didn't watch cycling on the Olympics?