Thursday, August 4, 2016

At least halfway done

Here is the shirt I am working on now.

I am at least halfway done with this one. I used the space above the Highway To Hell to put the date on. I marked it with tailors wax. The tailors wax will completely disappear with heat and steam. It does fade a bit with the heat from my hands too. This one will be done today. I need to finish quilting around the figures, stitch the date and border. I also did three loads of laundry and downloaded some CD's.

Yesterday's movies, Major League and Love Actually, were ones I had seen before, but I like them and it keeps my mind occupied. I have Creed and Notting Hill waiting for me at the library so that will be today's entertainment although the Indians play at noon today so I will have that on while I stitch.


Charlene S said...

I love this quilt!

patty a. said...

Thanks ! I have been working on it hard this weekend. I can almost see an end in sight!