Friday, August 19, 2016

29 hours to go ...

until I have to turn in my AC/DC piece. Last night I did get done what I set out to do. I finished the "Done Dirt Cheap" lettering and border. The letters are smaller so there were a few times I had to use the stab method to get around the tight curves.

I still need to finish the stars. They don't take very long to do.

And this morning before work I got the border started. I am using a variegated blue thread.

So what else is on the list for this piece? I need to put the date on two shirts, sew on the facing binding, add a rod pocket, and add a label. I will probably be up late tonight and early tomorrow to get it all done.

I had sent a text to the woman who is having the 6th poker run in honor of her daughter. I also sent her a picture of the Harley quilt. She got back to me last night and said "Omg it's beautiful ... crying" I am so glad she likes it. I will be looking forward to reactions on Saturday when it gets displayed for the fundraiser.

I just heard from Glenda of Her and her husband home was flooded in the floods in Baton Rouge. If you go to her blog she posted a picture of their belongings sitting on the curb - all damaged from the flood waters. Thru all of this her big worry is the animals that were displaced during the flooding including three shelters that were flooded. is in need of donations to feed all the dogs and cats that need taken care of until they can be returned to their owners or the strays can be adopted. I know it would mean a lot to Glenda for us to pitch in.

Have a great weekend!

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Thank you for posting th caaws stuff. We have tanker invntoy and we own 5 pieces of furniture, who toilets and one bathtub. That is literally it. And the travel trailer is, um, a bit small. But 3 bassets and 2 humans will make it a home!