Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Getting there!

I got another shirt done last evening. It took me longer than I thought, but then I always think I can stitch faster than humanly possible! It did take longer to stitch down the fiery area. Getting a needle thru that rubber like stuff is tough! Here is what the shirt look like before
and what it looks like done

The DVD's I watched while stitching: Punch Drunk Love - one really bad movie. I only got half way thru it. The Queen - it was ok, just a rehashing of what happened when Princess Diana died. Burnt with Bradley Cooper - not worth the watch. A ten year old could have written the story. A chef burns all his bridges with drugs and alcohol, cleans up his act, acts like a jerk, and gets his third Michelin star. People were way to forgiving to him to be believable.

I wish there was a Rambo or Rocky movie marathon on TV. I never get tired of those.

Here is the next shirt I will be stitching on.

I have 5.5 shirts left to stitch. Gosh, I am tired. It is amazing how exhausting sewing can be!


Vicki W said...

Those sound like horrid movies! I haven't watched a movie in a long time so I can't make any recommendations. But I've got long lists of good audiobooks if you want to try that!

QuiltSwissy said...

We saw burnt. I agree, it was something that one should just be able to watch for free and not pay for. It was cute, but predictable.

Do you have something like those scissors that nurses use, they clamp rather than cut. I can't remember the name of them at the moment. they are great to pull needles through stuff like you are working on.

I will have to look and see if i can find that second pair I have.......don't hold your breath, I quilt in a black hole that sucks everything I touch into itself.