Monday, June 3, 2013

No messin' about

Saturday was all about machine quilting the yellow and gray quilt. I got 7 blocks quilted. So now I have 13 out of the 30 blocks done or 43% or 1,792 square inches. Peg is coming in 13 days and I want to have this done as well as some house cleaning has to happen.

I was up early Sunday - about 6 am - so I decided to get out and do some weeding. I can't be in the sun, it was cool, and it had rained so the conditions were ideal for weeding. I did the big center bed and a smaller bed beside the house. It took three hours.

Here is the bed all cleaned up and Preened. I had to wait until I could tell the coneflower seedlings from the weeds. I also have some poppy seeds that are doing really well. I will have to wait until both get bigger before I feel comfortable transplanting them into other spots. The poppy plants are all clumped together.

Here is the smaller bed.


After I got cleaned up a bit I decided to clean up the laundry/utility/dye studio. I can't blame this mess on anyone (darn LOL!). Here are the before pics

And the afters. A good job done - well almost done. I still need to scrub the laundry tub, but it sure is a lot better than it was!

While I was cleaning I found a plant pot and some seeds so I planted some spinach. I am growing this indoors otherwise the critters will eat it. If this works, I have some other things I will grow indoors. I have the pot in front of the living room window that gets the southern sun.

While I was cleaning up the laundry/utility/dye studio I found some light bulbs that needed to be put with the other bulbs in the hall closet. This closet stays very cool so I overwinter the canna rhizomes in this closet. Well, I opened the door and I guess they needed planted! The weather has been so wacky cold at times - too cold to plant them, but it is now June so in the ground they must go!

Here is the weedy mess I needed to clean up first. While I was weeding there were some bees gathering nectar from the coral bell flowers. Then I heard what sounded like the world's biggest bee. I looked where the sound was coming from and there was a beautiful red throated hummingbird! This was the first one I saw this season. They love the coral bell flowers.

So this is what it now looks like. Let's see how long it takes for the canna to green up! This little job took me 2 hours and 20 minutes. I am feeling it today in my legs!

I need to continue this mass clean up effort. Tonight my goal is to work on the kitchen and get one block quilted.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You were a dynamo over the weekend! I bet you are feeling it today. I have so many weeds too. I do a little every day but it will never be done.

Elaine M said...

Very busy with great results. Hope your legs and arms aren't too tired.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

you got so much done. I wore myself out with the tile! And the eye.

I need to get into my quilt room and do what you did to your Laundry!

The outside is looking so good!