Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good thing, bad thing

Glory, I don't know where to start. Yesterday was one of those crazy days.

I needed to trim and mow - look at this!

The good thing is my mower started on the first pull. The bad thing is the trimmer I bought this spring and only used four times is toast. I only got about half the yard trimmed, but at least the grass is mowed and it looks better.

My teeth still hurt, but the good thing is I tried cutting one of the Percocet pills in half and it did not upset my stomach. Good thing - I have a dentist appointment; bad thing - it is not until Monday. I did get some sleep last night - 1/2 of a Percocet, Excedrin, and a cold ice pack on my face, but I did get woken up with my face hurting this morning.

I did get caught up on my 365 days of creativity. Day 4 I took some liberties - I took a piece of chalk and made a pothole flower at the end of my driveway. I know it is hard to see, but when I would bend over to draw the pedals and leaves my face would throb. I called the city to come and patch this hole. Maybe my flower drawing will put a smile on their faces.

Day 5 was to make something out of an item you collect. Well, I collect rocks and since I had picked up some when I went to Lorain last weekend, I decided to use them. Here is what I made. I used Goop glue.

So today is day 6 and I am caught up. Since I am volunteering at the museum tonight slinging beer, I wanted to get today's project done - using a vegetable - before I left for work. I cut the end off the celery and used it for a stamp. I printed once on the right side of the fabric and then did a second print on the left. I think I like the second print better. It also might have looked better if the layers of celery were opened up a bit more.
First print

Second print

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sophie said...

I love your celery flower ... and may steal the idea. Another great vegetable for patterning is okra when it's cut--it makes little flowers. Bell peppers are pretty cool, too. I've used those for applying wax resist before dyeing fabric.