Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Distracted by shinny objects?

Well, not exactly shinny, but I did manage to get distracted by creativity. Glen at quiltswissy@blogspot.com has been posting about 365 days of creativity and it just got stuck in my brain. Now I am not sure that a project I did last night fills the premise, but I have been wanted to make this project and it was a good excuse to be creative instead of cleaning the kitchen! I had bought a bunch of these cheap 12" x 12" shadowbox frames many months ago.

Then Becky from St. Theresa's Textile Trove sent me some shells with fabric I bought. I took the frame apart and spray painted it. Then I took some leftover wallpaper and glued it to the back cardboard. I then glued the shells on and here is the completed project.

I plan on making one or two more out of the starfish and sand dollar I brought back from California.

I did get one block on the yellow and gray quilt quilted and did a load of sheets. So that is another 256 square inches quilted for a total of 2,048 so far this month.

Did you ever have a pair of shoes you like so much you wish you would have bought several pairs as spares? Well, I bought a pair of flats when I went to California and I really like these shoes. So I went back to where I bought them on-line and they did not carry them anymore. Darn!! I did some searching and found someone who had them so I bought two more pair. The far right pair is the pair I have been wearing since December. I wear these shoes like slippers. They have a thick rubber base which helps keep the cold from the downstairs floor off my feet.

I did get up early this morning and did most of the dishes. Tomorrow is garbage day so I think I will try not to get distracted by creativity and get the rest of the kitchen cleaned up.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Iris not just you! I get distracted by soooo many things. Sometimes I thik it is a mental illness where I cannot stay focused.

I knew I was crazy!!!!

Your shell project qualifies for a few of the days of creativity!!! Like take something old and make it new?