Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A cool vintage quilt, the dentist, the quilt binding, and the long gone pot hole

I spotted a vintage quilt over at the resale shop across from where I work so I just had to go over and look closer. It is a drunker's path, but it has a pie shape cut out of both sides so when the blocks are put together there are all these great circles and secondary patterns. The quilt was not in the best shape - there are some places where the fabric is worn and the batting is showing. The size seems to be around a small twin size. They had a price of $75.00 minus 10% on it. I really like this quilt so I thought I would share.

Here are the measurements without seam allowances.

My dentist thinks I have an infection so he hooked me up with an antibiotic. We are trying this first and see if that solves the problem. He also gave me a prescription for some pain killers just in case. Modern drugs - its a good thing. All I could think about last week is Tom Hanks in Castaway and knocking out his tooth with a rock! I guess when a person is desperate ...

Once I back from my trip to the dentist - an hour each way - I stopped at the drug store got my prescriptions filled and then dropped off the books at the library which is right by the drug store. I decided I could at least get part of the binding on the yellow and gray quilt. I am making the binding to coordinate with where the gray and yellow blocks are on the quilt. Here you can see where the division was on one side. I managed to get the binding on three sides and so I can at least start the hand stitching at lunchtime today.

Oh, you may ask why on earth do I drive an hour to see my dentist? Well, he has been my dentist forever and I like him and he knows my mouth.

The city came by yesterday and filled my flower pot hole. Now when I pull into my driveway it is much smoother! You can still see the chalk a little.

This morning I was greeted by five poppy flowers! They don't seem to last but one or two days so I have to get out there and enjoy them! Oh, I woke up at 11:30 last night and saw a doe and her twins romping around in the backyard. Mom was rooting around in my flower bed looking for a snack. I don't know what she would eat since most of the bed is full of Lenten roses.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

So glad you got some releif from your wonderful dentist. They can be quite addictive.....the dentist that is. When you like one you stick with him. I miss my old dentist a lot! Darn him for retiring.

I think your pothole is hilarious! I see the outline of the flower still! They must have laughed!