Friday, October 21, 2011

So glad it is Friday!

This week has been dragging. I have a lot planned for the weekend. Tonight I need to start a batch of yogurt and do up some dishes. Saturday I have a hair appointment. I will stop at the grocery in the town where I get my hair cut to fill my water jugs and get some of my favorite brown rice. On the way back to the house I will stop by Jo Ann's and pickup zippers I need for alterations and see if they have the Sullivan self sharping rotary cutting rulers. I have several 50% off coupons. I also want to get the second coat of paint on the fabric storage/bedroom and start to paint the trim on Saturday.

The rest of my time will be spent cutting out pink and brown blocks for girl baby quilts and working on a small project I almost forgot about. I signed up for a Scrap Splat challenge. I was sent 40 2 1/2" squares that I need to make something out of and I can add any solids I want, but no prints. I need to post the picture by Oct. 26th. I keep bouncing around ideas in my head, but since I am so short on time I think I will make a doll quilt. Here is my pile of squares

Here is this morning's sky. It is still sprinkling. It rained most of the night and the wind howled. It is 43 degrees right now. I don't know what the weather is suppose to be this weekend, but other than the road trip Saturday morning, I plan on staying indoors. The mailman told us yesterday that the weather people are predicting snow next week! We told him to go away!

Have a great weekend!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I guess if snow is coming next week I don't want to know about it. We have had snow before Halloween before but please, not this year......

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Snow? We are still in the 90's.

Oh wait, it is cooler today, It will get to 70 and not a cloud in sight!

Na Na Na Na Na Na!