Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It will grow back, it will grow back, it will grow back ...

I keep telling myself "it's is like a bad haircut, it will grow back." What am I refering to? My white pine tree that got butchered yesterday. I confirmed yesterday morning that the tree guys would be at the house after 2 P.M. because I wanted to be there to make sure they cut what I wanted. I got to the house at 2:15 the tree men were long gone and I was not happy with the job they did. They cut branches off they were not instructed to cut and they didn't cut off enough of the branches next to the house. I called them and they are coming back tomorrow to correct what they can. I questioned why the did not call me and I did not get a good answer only that the schedule was changed due to the early morning rain. As I said - I will just have to wait until it grows out. So my suggestion to all of you is if you have someone coming to work on a tree, chain yourself to that tree until they arrive and do not trust that they are going to show up when they said they would. Mike Holmes would be appalled with their behavior and workmanship! I know the tree doesn't look that bad in the picture, but in person it is bad. Some of the cuts were not made cleanly and there are places where when the limbs fell off there was tearing and striping of the bark. I know enough that this is not the correct way to trim a tree.


The FQ of pink puppy dog fabric came in the mail yesterday. My friend who is making a baby quilt for someone was worried that the fabric wouldn't be quite right. I told her to make the quilt with the fabrics we can find and give the woman the quilt. I asked my friend "Do you think she will say she doesn't want it and give it back?" I don't think so.

This mornings sky. The temp is 36 degrees, but it doesn't feel that cold to me at all.

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