Monday, October 17, 2011

12th finish and painting

I finished the John Deere quilt this weekend. It turned out as cute as it could for a whole cloth piece. I will get it in the mail today. I sure hope Marie likes it.

Saturday, I began painting the fabric storage/bedroom starting with the ceiling. This room is dark so I used bright white. Then I mixed up some paint for the walls from my leftovers. It seemed to take a long time for some reason to paint this room. After I was done I was debating about the color. It took a long time for it to dry because it was raining all day.

I got up Sunday and decided I hated the color - it was just too yellow. I went back into the utility/wet studio and starting adding more paint to the batch I threw together Saturday. I wanted to try and use up the paint I had left over. As I was digging thru the paint cans I found a light tan so I threw that in the bucket plus the quart of chocolate brown I found. Sunday, after finishing the John Deere quilt, I started painting with the new color.

The color is darker than what this picture shows. The flash really makes it look light. The good news is I like the color and the second coat will be going on next weekend unless I can find some time after work.

Here is what I have left - three empty cans (yeah!) and a gallon and 1/2 of my color that I will call warm linen.

I got an e-mail from my brother in Texas and he said that Sam' Club in Garland carries Choco' Noir. Right now Choco' Noir is not for sale in Ohio. This state is weird about what kind of alcohol can be sold here. I asked him to check on shipping me a case that I could split with a woman I work with.

Here is this morning's sunrise. It is a nice change of pace since we have had 5 days of gray skies. Saturday the wind just howled and it poured down rain. Sunday afternoon the sun came out a bit and it was warm enough I could open the window to get some fresh air while I painted. But about 3:30 p.m. it was overcast again and rained again.

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