Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cutting blocks and patching

I pressed a piece of bown print and pink print fabric last evening. I cut a 15" square thru the 4 layers of fabric. I made a quick sketch of the sizes I wanted to cut the block into.

I wanted the first cut to be more than half way so I cut it at 8.5". The next cut was at 4", then 2 1/2" and the last cut was 3".

Here I flipped over the stack for the center so you can see the brown. I will cut a bunch and mix up the centers. Once I piece the blocks they will need trimmed. I am aiming for a 13 1/2" finish block.

Then to top off the evening I patched a couple of hole in a pair of jeans for one of the guys at work.

It started raining about 4 p.m. yesterday and rained off and on all night. The sky this morning looks like this. I was standing in the rain when I took this just a couple minutes ago. Maybe the sky is going to clear and we get some sunshine!

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