Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chocolate wine is all the rage

Who knew? I worked at the Grape Expections wine tasting event at the Akron Art Museum last evening and had a great time. Yes, chocolate wine is the hot item on the market. I took it upon myself to taste every chocolate wine that was being offered.
This I was told was the first chocolate wine. It is made in Holland. It was good, but not my favorite.

Then I tried this in chocolate and the chocolate/strawberry. It was ok, but not my favorite.

Then there was this chocolate flavored port. I couldn't taste the chocolate or the port. Thumbs down.

My absolute favorite was Choco' Noir. I thought I took a picture of the bottle, but it doesn't seem to be on my camera! Darn! The Choco' Noir was creamy, not too sweet, and full of chocolate flavor. It is made with dutch chocolate - not syrup like some other types. It was like drinking the best chocolate milk you have ever had with a kick! 14% alcohol! I am going to have to buy some of this! Only $10.00 a bottle.

Then there was the food
Cabot cheese sponsored this beautiful tower of cheese. Cabot is a Vermont farmers owned co-op and I have been a customer of their's ever since the first time I tasted their smokey bacon cheddar at a museun event 7 years ago.

The desserts were furnished by a local grocer Acme.
There were several resturants with food including lobster salad sliders (yummy), Cuban gumbo (didn't try), stir fry roll ups (ok), pork belly (yuck), mini crab cakes (I have tasted better but they were good), and seared tuna (so freakin' good!).

Here is one of the flower arrangements. Just beautiful!

We got to take home our wine glass and I put a rose in mine that I snagged off the empty cheese tower. I was home by 7:30 and sleep like a baby after all that wine tasting!

This morning's sky. It is raining.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Chocolate wine? I must go find myself some of that fabulous elixer! Thank you so much for having the courage to sample this potentially hazardous material for us.

You are my hero!


patty a. said...

You crack me up Glen! Glad I could be of service! Just make sure you get the Choco' Noir and let me know how you like it. A cold glass of it will hit the spot no matter what!


Wendy said...

The food looks just beautiful and those roses? WOW!
Thanks for the nice Cabot shout-out. It looks like it was a wonderful event!

Cabot Cheese