Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fawn, broken dish, and questions - lots of questions

I saw the fawn, Bubba, last night. It was chillin' before the storm. It was gone this morning. Still have not seen the mother. We had a lot of wind and rain, but no major damage last evening thank goodness.

Last night my company came. She brought dinner which I proceeded to heat up in the microwave. I took the first plate out of the microwave and it cracked. You can see the juices from the lasagna seeped thru the crack. This is one of my Royal Doulton plates! I bought one place setting at a time when I was first married. A five piece set cost $35.00 which was a lot of money back then. This china just sits in a cupboard and I was thinking I ought to use it. I am going to contact Royal Doulton to ask if I goofed by putting in the microwave or if it may have been a manufacturing flaw. Heck, I have 9 more plates so it's not like it is the end of the world!

My friend had lots of questions: how to take in a top for a friend, how to get her machine set up for satin stitching the applique shapes on the blocks she is working on for a baby quilt, how to get a 1/4" guide set up for stitching the strips together, and stuff that just came up. She said that she will get the top put together over Memorial weekend and will be back next week for a quilting lesson. The baby this quilt is for is due in July so she is anxious to have it done before the baby arrives.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

hmmm, you may have yourself a baby deer!