Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The snow saga

I know somebody got 5"-10" of snow that was predicted, but as of right now where I am at is in good shape. I got about 1 1/2" yesterday and less than 1/2" overnight. The city streets are terrible though - snow covered and very slippery.

Last evening with the wind blowing 20 - 30 mph, I had to stop at the library and move one of my pieces that was hanging away from the wall. It would be in the way for the open house on Wednesday. So there I am trying to pull a ladder out of the car while I am holding up my hatch. I don't know what they are called - those parts that hold open the hatch - but I need to get new ones. They just don't work well any more when it is cold. So I got the piece moved and then one of the libraians was gushing over my work. We talked for awhile so I did not get to the house until 6 p.m. Before I pull the car in the driveway I had to shovel. Next was finishing that jacket. I ended up having to rip out part of the hem so I could fix a seam in the lining that was missed when the jacket was made. Next I decided to start laying out some of the blocks for the quilt I need to have done Saturday. I looked at the clock and shoot! It's 9 p.m.! It had been a long day and I was tired so I called it quits for the evening. I think I will have to take a day off on Thursday in order to get the quilt and pillowcases done. I have 5 days that I have to use before the end of the year.

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