Friday, December 17, 2010

Rockin' that quilt!

Right after work I ran up to the Akron Art museum for their annual art Mart. We were very busy between 5:30 and 7:30. Here is Justin who works in the museum gift shop. He is the most interesting fellow. He will graduate from U of Akron with two master degrees one being in fashion. He made the shirt he is wearing. Everyone who came to the register complimented him on it. It was beautiful. He even makes all his own patterns. It was nice to work with someone that spoke the language of sewing! The biggest selling items were one artist's necklaces, wonky men and clocks made from printing blocks, cigar boxes, and other found objects, and handmade cards. I felt bad for the artists that did not sell much. Been there done that - check out my posts from this time last year. I have no idea how to link to them - sorry!

I woke up at 4 a.m., got up at 4:15 and started quilting. I Have 93% of the quilting on the baby quilt done! Here is the picture of the area I have left to quilt. I will have this quilt done tonight for delivery tomorrow!

We have our annual company luncheon in the maintenance garage. The menu is tenderlion of beef, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans almondine along with salad and homemade cookies. The head of the maintenance does all the cooking and its always good. I am guessing there will be a couple of hundred people to eat. After work I have to run over to the other side of town and pick up my brother's mail at the post office and his house. He is coming home from California on Tuesday so I will have to make another trip to turn on the heat, hot water heater and water so the house is warm and he can take a shower as soon as he gets home.

This weekend is another full one. Tomorrow I deliver the quilt, get my hair cut, sew all afternoon on alterations, then head over to the sports bar where my nephew's band, Retro, is playing. Sunday will be finishing up alterations and start to quilt the xmas quilt. Oh, I have four stocking to make plus the pillowcases to get started. I am taking off Monday so I will report on Tuesday what I managed to get done. I might even wash dishes and bake a few cookies in my spare time (ha! ha!). Have a great productive weekend!

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