Friday, December 10, 2010

Sewing and watching ballet

I decided I wanted to have a few more of these small pieces done for my Meet the Artist event tomorrow. I have the black parts quilted and even with my new LED stick on light on my machine, it was still hard to see black on black. Tonight I will paint the sides of the mounting canvas, quilt the white and yellow parts, bind, and get them mounted. This is all fabric left over from Stage 17 and Stage 12.

I have been watching five different interpertations of "The Nutcracker" (one each evening this week) on Ovation. I have DISH Network. It is hard to watch ballet and sew at the same time. I have only seen the first hour of each, because I get tired and go to bed. Of course the music is the same, just the dancing is different. There has been classical interpretations - Berlin and the Bolshoe Ballet companies - and then there was a very strange contemporary one that I didn't get at all. Tonight is a French version and it is more contemporary also. Maybe I will stay up and see the whole thing.

So this weekend is the Meet the Artist, alterations, and possibly shoveling snow. Have a good one!


Mystica said...

Thats a gorgeous ballet to watch!

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

you almost need light shining on from 3 different directions to see the black on black. If you use rayon thread, the shine might help but you probably want a matte finishe thread on these. I hope you get it all done in time and have a great 'meet the artist' time.