Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pining progress

I didn't have to shovel too much last night - just a little clean up here and there - so I had the time and strength to layout the xmas quilt. I got about 3/4 of it pinned while I watched "That Metal Show" on VH1. Slash was a guest and they had been trying to get him for a long time to appear.

The city came by last night and plowed the cul-de-sac. YEAH! I was suprised they came so soon. I wasn't expecting them until late today or maybe tomorrow. The snow accumulation has slowed down although it is still spitting out there for just a dusting.

My brain is spinning with what I will need to take with me to my "Meet the Artist" at the library this Saturday. Unfortunely it won't be advertized in the library newletters - I really don't understand why, but it is what it is. The woman that wanted me to hang the show went on vacation and the communication broke down. Oh well. I guess I will just make sure I bring enough to keep my hands busy in between people that do show up. The show is at the Northwest Branch of the Akron-Summit County Public Library, 1720 Shatto Ave., Akron, OHio from 12-4. Feel free to pass this info along. I will take pictures and post them next week. One nice thing the library is doing is at their annual open house on the 15th, they want me to come and will introduce me to the crowd. At the open house there will be a choir and a band performing so there will be lots of people there.

Stay warm!!


Margaret Cooter said...

Lovely quilt - simple and spacious - the accent colours work so well among the neutrals!

dls said...

Very playful..... love the randomness of the pattern.