Monday, December 13, 2010

The shows, snow, and sewing

My meet the artist was not well attended due to the library not advertizing the event. I had about a dozen people come - four of those were family members that came to support me. It was not a total waste - had brought my lap top and downloaded music. Here are a couple of shots. I pushed the tables together to lay out a large piece and I got the six black and white 9" x 12" pieces done. I had four more of those Command hook left so I hung up four of the b&w pieces. After my "show" I went to a local sports bar where my 13 year old nephew's band, Retro, was playing Saturday night. They really sounded good and have already been asked back to play again. My poor brother - he was there at 11 am to get all the sound and mics set up, and then packed up everything with the help from a couple of the other fathers, and got home at 1:30 am. The beautiful thing is that his son, my nephew, truly appreciates all that his dad does for him.

I got started on sewing the blocks together for a baby quilt I need to have done on Saturday morning. I only need 20 blocks and they go together quickly so I am confident that I can make it happen even with the possiblity of shoveling a lot of snow this week.

On Sunday I did get a pair of lined pants hemmed for a neighbor and started on her lined jacket. The sleeves are 1/2" too long, but I could not hem them because they had a detail at the cuff. So I ripped out the sleeves and trimmed off the 1/2" from the sleeve cap and sewed the sleeves back in. What was fun about the whole process was using the skills I honed when I work at the custom western horse clothing shop. Wow, memories came flooding back. I must say I think the one sleeve I have done looks better than it did from the factory. I will finish the other sleeve tonight and get it out of the house! I didn't get as much done on Sunday as my brain had planned. I just could not get moving!

I rained from Friday night until Sunday at 1 PM when it turned to snow. I can't imagine how much snow we would have if all that rain would be snow instead! The rain made most of the snow disappear. This morning I got up at 4:30 a.m. because I knew I had some shoveling to do before work. There was about 2" and it was light and fluffy so it was easy to shovel. We are suppost to get 5" - 10" today.

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dls said...

Oh my, you are a brave one taking the sleeve off at the cap. I would rather start a garment from scratch.

Your blog is very nice..... love the colors you choose!